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Paul Hanke

bio2Paul Hanke has one favorite photographic subject – light – and in particular, its interaction with natural form in terms of sharp contrasts and brilliant colors. While grand scales are not a necessity in Paul’s photography, it is on such scales that he finds some of the most dramatic interplay between light and form (and is one important reason that Paul calls the wide open vistas of Colorado’s Front Range “home”). So while you will find many of Paul’s photographs depicting familiar high country scenery, in reality that scenery is (more often than not) just the canvas for a more abstract composition of light!
Paul captures the majority of his images on weekend hikes with friends. His scene selection “methodology” (if you can call it that) is purely emotion-based – the chill of awe and delight that rifles through the body when one happens upon unexpected beauty is his meter for whether or not a scene has potential.
Paul was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and raised in Newark, Delaware. After finishing high school, Paul joined the Army and “saw the world” (getting his first taste of the Southwest during a tour in Arizona). Subsequent to that life experience, he earned bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering and has since moved on to a career in software engineering. In light of such a background, Paul quite naturally has an intuitive feel for digital cameras and the “digital darkroom,” and their increasing sophistication has opened up the door to a whole new creative outlet for him. Paul now shares his life with his wife (and furry kids) in Peyton, Colorado.
Paul uses Canon PowerShot digital cameras for capturing his photographs and all prints are made using an Epson Stylus Photo R2880 archival-quality printer and archival quality photographic papers (resulting in archival prints that will be fade resistant for 50 to 100 years when properly cared for). Paul’s panoramic prints are created by digitally combining sequences of photographs while remaining true to the subject matter.
Paul Hanke Photography

Allen Thornton

Allen ThorntonA statement from the artist: ”As an outdoor photographer, I believe an appreciation and enjoyment of outdoor photography can lead to a respect and love of nature and in turn this might lead to conservation and protection of the natural world and the wildlife that lives within it. My goal as a photographer is to build on this belief with each image. My images are not intended as an historical record of what used to be, but as a constant reminder of what must be valued and sheltered everyday.”

Mike Berenson

Mike BerensonA statement from the artist: "Having pursued sports photography at a young age, I grew to realize the tremendous satisfaction I gained by sharing my work with others. I saw the ability to capture images from some truly unique locations that many people would never get to see in their lifetime. For some reason, the underwater scenes found while scuba diving stood out as reminders that I was on to something truly special. One day, while scuba diving off the coast of Honduras, I found myself looking up at a wondrous underwater scene when a large school of fish began swimming overhead. In awe, I realized that this was something that man was never really meant to see. Without technology, man would never have been able to stay underwater for long periods of time or fly or other things that we can now do – making it even more special. Knowing that many of my friends and relatives would never get the chance to see such amazing scenery, I began pursuing locations for photography that helped to share the wonder. Now that I’ve expanded from underwater photography to various forms of nature photography, I’ve built a portfolio that I am truly proud of. Beyond that, my equipment and formal training have allowed me to pursue one of my favorite passions - night-time mountain photography with image quality that’s on par with some of the best photographers around. Today, I enjoy exploring the backcountry of Colorado and sharing techniques and results with fellow photographers."
Mike Berenson Photography

David Clack

David ClackDavid Clack has been a professional photographer for the past 23 years. He started his career as a biomedical photographer at Colorado State University. David is the CEO of Colorado Photographics, Inc., and recently opened the Illustrated Light Gallery of Fine Art Photography in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. In 1990, David served on the community advisory board for One West Contemporary Art Center, now the Museum of Contemporary Art.
David's first book Colorado Fine Art Landscape & Nature Photography was published in 1998. He has been selling his prints in galleries throughout Colorado for many years. In 2002, David was invited to be a keynote speaker at the United Nations "Year of the Mountain" conference in Malaysia on photographing the Rocky Mountains. Having won numerous awards for his photography in both black & white and color, David's work reflects the passion he has for photography.
"As a young boy, I would hike and camp throughout the Colorado wilderness. I marveled at the beauty and purity of it all: the crisp, clean air and the sound of wind rustling through the tops of ponderosa pine. Growing older I wondered: "Where did all this come from, how could something so beautiful exist?" In the back of my mind I knew it was God's creation, yet I suppressed those thoughts, not wanting to deal with the confrontation of God's existence and mine. Now as an adult, I have reconciled my separation from God through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, through whom all things are possible. So, it is my joy and honor to thank Him who has made the culmination of these images possible for you to enjoy."
David Clack Photography

David Soldano

Dave_SoldanoAs a criminal investigator for over 25 years, David used photography as a tool for capturing evidence. He now enjoys sharing photographs that bring joy and inspiration. David is a landscape, portrait and up-close photographer who specializes in the American west. His home base is beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado where he is inspired daily by the sight of Pikes Peak from his window.

Britt Ripley

britt_14A statement from the artist: ”My photographic images are rooted in the deep connection I feel with nature and an acute awareness of patterns and textures in the natural and built world. My compositions also reflect my ranching family background and my background as a landscape architect, and musician. I experience a pulse of connection when I am in nature, while I am with horses and feeling their wonderful energy and spirit, and when I am absorbed by weather and light. Before and while I photograph, I observe and take time to feel this pulse and explore my subjects and surroundings. This practice allows me to build more intimate relationships with them that hopefully results in my ability to see, feel, and capture their essence. In much of my recent work, I have created composite images, delighting in a new and engaging perspective. This work is intriguing to me as it combines subjects with elements of form, shape, texture, and pattern that enhance and complement one another. These images for me are like visual lyrical expressions where there is rhythm and mystery.”


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